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24 Hour Alarm Monitoring 

Our modern, state of the art, F.M. certified central station is locally owned and operated in Quincy, Massachusetts. Monitoring is done by trained, bonded, professionals as part of an on-going commitment to service excellence. Our central station is a dedicated structure for the exclusive monitoring of security and environmental systems. The central station features state-of-the-art fully automated dual network servers ensuring quick access of dispatch and information retrieval. 

Our basic monitoring service starts at just $20.00 per month with as low as a one year contract. Additionally, we offer several cellular and network options for monitoring as well. 

Monitoring Packages 

Basic Alarm Monitoring

Basic alarm monitoring is the simplest package that we offer. This includes the alarm system itself, the keypad, and the installation. This package is offered when the home or business owner has a landline that can call out to our central station in case of an emergency. This covers the basic burglar alarm, fire alarm and panic Button. 

Cellular Alarm Monitoring

Cellular alarm monitoring comes in when a home or business does not have a landline phone for the alarm system to connect to so that it can call out on in case of an emergency. Our technicians set up a cellular communicator so that your home alarm system is able to contact our central station in case of an emergency. Additionally, this package includes all that the basic alarm package comes with as well as the installation. This Package also includes the burglar alarm, fire alarm or CO2 detector, and Panic Button.

Enhanced Alarm Monitoring

Enhanced services provides instant access to your security system from your Iphone or Android. This gives you access to operate your security system via smartphone just like you were in front of your actual alarm keypad. You can set your username and password for authentication encrypted data and immediately access your event log and activity. You can also arm or disarm your alarm system directly from your keypad or from your smartphone as well. Another helpful tool included in this package is the ability to be notified when your child or pet sitter enters your home with a text message or email from our alarm central stating that your alarm has been disarmed. This Virtual keypad is a must have to know that yourself and your family are safe and secure whether you are at home or on the go. 

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